Determinants of sedentary behaviour across the life course: synthesis and consensus meeting

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ISBNPA meeting

On the 8th and 9th of June 2015, a workshop is organised on determinants of sedentary behaviour across the life course, as a satellite of the ISBNPA annual meeting. This workshop is organised by Dr. Sebastien Chastin and Prof. Greet Cardon, on behalf of the DEDIPAC consortium. DEDIPAC (Determinants of Diet and Physical Activity) aims to establish a European trans-disciplinary research network with a joint research agenda and it also tries to build capacity to advance understanding of the complex interplay of the numerous determinants of sedentary behaviours.

Reducing sedentary behaviour is a public health challenge internationally. Currently, there is disparate and limited knowledge about the determinants of sedentary behaviour across the life course to inform interventions. This workshop will bring together epidemiologists, psychologists, clinicians, economists, rehabilitation, life, health, behavioural and social scientists to discuss the interaction between biological, psychological, sociological, economic, ecological, and socio-economic factors that determine sedentary behaviour. Experts will be invited and in-depth multidisciplinary discussions will be held on; how these mechanisms change over the life course, how these factors and their interactions differ between social and ethnic groups and what are the right targets for actions at multiple levels. The objective of the meeting is to finalise a transdisciplinary consensus framework for research on determinants of sedentary behaviour across the life course. The workshop will follow an interactive Delphi process, and international speakers like Jo Salmon, John Reilly, Genevieve Healy, Dawn Skelton, Neville Owen and David Conroy will talk about determinants of sedentary behaviour throughout this workshop.

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