NOW Magazine: Don't Be A Sitting Duck

CBC News: Sitting takes toll on body, scientists find
July 22, 2011
Scientific American: Can Sitting Too Much Kill You?
July 22, 2011

Via NOW Magazine:

I’ve got some important news. Are you sitting down? Well, then you’d better stand up.

Because sitting is killing you.

Well, that’s what some are claiming anyway. According to this argument, exercising folks will be just as corpulent as those who don’t if they spend at least three hours a day on their bums in the rest of their lives. I have to say this scaremongering pisses me off. Of course, if you run 5 kilometres a day and another person doesn’t, you are not going to be “just as fat.”

Still, there could be something to this. I often work sitting from 7:30 am to late at night. Should I get myself a standing or walking desk?…

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