Denver Post: The health benefits of working on your feet

The Telegraph: Every hour of TV watching shortens life by 22 minutes
September 6, 2011
PassportSanté.net: Chaque heure devant la télé réduirait l’espérance de vie de 20 minutes
September 7, 2011

From the Denver Post:

News about the perils of prolonged sitting originally inspired Sue Hewitt, 52, to ditch her seat for her feet. Now, six others in her Fort Collins office stand while they work.

“There was no money for fancy desks,” said Hewitt, a program coordinator for the Health District of Northern Larimer County, a public health organization. “We all in our own way got creative in terms of how to retrofit our desks. We feel it was a good move. And it feels good when we do sit down.”

Hewitt, who along with her colleagues started the new arrangement in the spring, said she now feels more comfortable standing than she used to sitting. Her posture has improved. Her arms and hands feel more at ease. She doesn’t envision returning to the old days, when she plopped in a chair from morning until evening.

The organization is now putting together a manual for employees, to show them how to turn their desks into upright workstations.

The full article is available via the Denver Post website.

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