Indystar: On the job, on the move

Neville Owen Explains the Health Impact of Sedentary Behaviour
November 23, 2011
The Telegraph: Could a treadmill desk save your life?
December 4, 2011


If Evin Mullins sits too long, she gets stiff and uncomfortable. Having juvenile rheumatoid arthritis makes sitting at work all day hard on her hips.

NiCole Keith, a regular exerciser, wanted to find a way to weave more movement into her typically sedentary work day as a professor.

The solution they both found: a treadmill work station.

“It’s doing me good,” said Mullins, 25, Indianapolis. A concierge for Business Furniture Corp., she has walked 105 miles at her work station since March. “It’s doing the company good. I’m more energized and focused when I’m using it.”

Keith, an associate professor of exercise science at IUPUI, says that slowly walking three to six miles a day at work supplements her jogging, cycling and weight lifting. It could also help prevent some chronic diseases.

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  1. danielle says:

    I have myself bought a treadmill 2 months ago. It is really nice to have the option of sitting, standing and walking while working. I am a prof/researcher and now writing a grant to get funding and do a research with treadmill workstation to show the world the benefits !

    There is much more to learn before the sedentary people buy them and what about active people. Do they need that ?

    Will see….

  2. That’s terrific! Very interested to hear how your research goes, and whether the you continue to enjoy using the desk over the long term. Keep us posted!


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