Sedentary Behaviour Featured at The Source

Yahoo! News: Long commutes linked to larger waistlines
May 8, 2012
Sedentary Behaviour in JAMA
May 17, 2012


Sedentary behaviour has been added to The Source, a site which provides introductory sex- and gender-based analyses (SGBA) on prominent topics in women’s health, as well as links to both local and international data sources.  Their article examines issues related to sex, gender, diversity and equity in relation to current sedentary behaviour research, as well as links to original data sources.

Their article ends with the following critique:

The relationships between sedentary behaviour and morbidity and mortality have not received as much research and policy attention as the relationship between physical activity, morbidity, and mortality. Most studies to date include only a limited selection of sedentary behaviours, such as watching television and computer games; involvement in these activities may vary by sex, income, and neighbourhood. Measuring sedentary behaviour is a challenge as these behaviours are often engaged in sporadically throughout the day and may be harder to recall than scheduled physical activities. Self-reports, a common measure of both physical activity and sedentary behaviour, may therefore not be a reliable measure of sedentary behaviour [3,6]. Further research using tools such as accelerometers or inclinometers is needed.

The full article is available for free via The Source.

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