Centenarian Explains One of the Keys to Longevity

Subtracting sitting versus adding exercise on glycemic control and variability in sedentary office workers
October 27, 2014
ISBNPA 2015 Satellite meeting "Determinants of Sedentary Behaviour across the life course”
December 11, 2014


Dr. Morris Collen, a physician and pioneer of computerized medicine, passed away in September at the age of 100 years. The New York Times ran a story on his life given his significant contributions to computerzied medicine and noted Dr. Collen’s explanation for his productivity and longevity. In his 90s, Dr. Collen explained:

“I sit and write most of the day,” he said. “I set a kitchen timer for 60 minutes as soon as I sit down, and when that timer goes off, then I get up and walk up and down stairs and walk around the hallway for several minutes and go back and work on the book.”

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