New Study: Standing desks may increase caloric expenditure and improve behaviour in kids

New Study: Sedentary Behavior Is Not Associated with Cardiometabolic Risk in Adults with Abdominal Obesity
July 21, 2011
Special Issue of American Journal Preventive Medicine Focuses on Sedentary Behaviour
July 21, 2011

Dr Mark Benden from Texas A&M reports that standing desks increase caloric expenditure in elementary school students while also improving perceived behaviour:

Childhood obesity is a public health concern with significant health and economic impacts. We conducted a prospective experimental study in 4 classrooms in central Texas to determine the effect of desks that encourage standing rather than sitting on caloric expenditure in children. Students were monitored with calorie expenditure–measuring arm-bands worn for 10 days in the fall and spring. The treatment group experienced significant increases in calorie expenditure over the control group, a finding that has implications for policy and practice.

The full study is available ahead-of-print from the American Journal of Public Health.


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    Good & informative post, thanks for sharing with us. It’s a good idea to setup standing desk for kids in there classroom to increase caloric expenditure.

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