Daily Gleaner: UNB Researchers Study Physical Toll On Bus Drivers

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July 29, 2011
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September 6, 2011

From The Daily Gleaner:

Two researchers from the University of New Brunswick have begun examining how the physical act of operating a motor vehicle impacts the body over extended periods of time.

A recent study completed by UNB researchers Wayne Albert and Usha Kuruganti looked at the occupational and physical demands for bus drivers, specifically exploring the effects on body posture and muscle activation.

Albert said the act of driving a vehicle requires increased muscular activity, particularly in the neck and upper back.

“Even in the one hour of work we monitored, we noticed significant repositioning – suggesting a need to change the muscle demand,” he said.

“Like most transport occupations, these drivers are driving for long hours each day, and the increase in muscle activity over the course of a day, week (or) month could increase the risk of musculoskeletal and soft-tissue strains.”

These findings will inspire a number of additional studies that will help examine the specific physical demands placed on bus drivers in Fredericton and across the country.

Using a seat pressure pad, the study collected information about the driver’s muscular activity in the neck, shoulders and back.

The full article can be read here via The Daily Gleaner website.

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