Statesman Journal: New studies make it hard to sit still

Daily Gleaner: UNB Researchers Study Physical Toll On Bus Drivers
September 6, 2011
The Telegraph: Every hour of TV watching shortens life by 22 minutes
September 6, 2011

From the Statesman Journal:

Experts have found our sedentary behavior might act as an independent risk factor for obesity, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

During the past few years, researchers have become increasingly interested in determining how sedentary behavior, like sitting in meetings or working a desk job, contributes to the development of obesity and, in turn, chronic disease.

Coined, “inactivity physiology,” they believe our “postural muscles,” or the muscles in our legs, back and neck that maintain posture, likely play a larger than expected role in how we metabolize fat and cholesterol.

This month in Technology Review published by MIT, authors noted, “Sedentary people have elevated levels of biomarkers linked with cardiovascular disease, including insulin, glucose, and triglycerides.” They added, “Daily workouts don’t necessarily protect people who spend eight hours a day sitting at a desk or in meetings from changes in these biomarkers.”

The full article is available via the Statesman Journal website.

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