SBRN Featured in Globe & Mail

The Telegraph: Could a treadmill desk save your life?
December 4, 2011
New York Times: Don’t Just Sit There, Work Out at Your Desk
December 8, 2011

The Sedentary Behaviour Research Network was featured in an article on sedentary behaviour this morning in the Globe & Mail, one of Canada’s largest newspapers:

You’re going to want to stand up for this. Researchers of sedentary behaviour, a burgeoning field with Canadians at its forefront, are beginning to amass a large body of evidence with one unsettling conclusion: Sitting down is killing us.

For decades, hundreds if not thousands of studies have examined the relationship between our activity levels and our health. Only recently have researchers turned their attention to the consequences of sitting at a desk all day and lying on the couch all evening

“We’re talking extensively and producing public health messages about what we don’t do. And we don’t talk at all about what we do do: We don’t move very much, but we do sit idle,” says Dr. Mark Tremblay, director of healthy active living and obesity research at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario Research Institute.

in September, Dr. Tremblay and his team launched the Sedentary Behaviour Research Network, a first of its kind that has so far connected more than 100 researchers from around the world.

The full article can be accessed here through the Globe & Mail website.

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