MacVoices: Walk While You Work

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December 16, 2011
Runner's World: Activity Won’t Protect from Effects of Excessive Sitting
January 12, 2012

Via Macvoices:

As the countdown to Macworld|iWorld 2012 speeds up, Glenn Fleishman and Lex Friedman preview their session on the new trend of standing, rather than sitting, while you work. Going one step farther (pun intended), Glenn and Lex explore the implications of setting up a treadmill at your desk, taking multitasking in a whole new direction. This promises to be a unique and interesting session that may change the way you work…and walk.

You can listen to the podcast using the player below, and if you’d like to hear more from Macvoices be sure to visit their site or subscribe in iTunes.

Macworld #1201 – Road to Macworld – Glenn Fleishman and Lex Friedman Walk While They Work 

Thanks to SBRN member Ernesto Ramirez for sending along a link to the podcast.

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