Finance & Commerce: Cancer fears may alter the sedentary job

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March 8, 2012
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March 20, 2012

Via Finance & Commerce:

Despite a wave of evidence that too much sitting on the job triggers life-shortening illnesses, most companies and safety regulators are in no hurry to change employees’ sedentary working conditions.

Among the entities reporting a connection between sitting and cancer, heart disease and other serious health problems are the American Cancer Society, the American Institute for Cancer Research, the Mayo Clinic and the American Heart Association.

Altering working conditions to reduce employees’ time in their chairs may sound heretical to employers who don’t want to spend money on revamping offices or who worry that changing workers’ schedules may cut into profits.

Options range from low-cost solutions like instructing workers to stand more often to more expensive remedies, like paying $700 to $3,000 for desks that accommodate those wishing to work while on their feet.

The target market for such desks once was only such innovators as high-tech companies, but now sellers are inching into tradition-bound sectors, including government agencies and law firms.

The full article is available via the Finance & Commerce website.

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