SBRN featured in Maclean's Magazine

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March 12, 2012
Canada Releases Sedentary Behaviour Guidelines for Children Aged 0-4
March 27, 2012

The Sedentary Behaviour Research Network was featured in the recent health issue of Maclean’s Magazine, Canada’s weekly current affairs magazine:

Canadian adults are now spending about three-quarters of their time sedentary, according to Mark Tremblay, director of the Healthy Active Living and Obesity Research Group (HALO) at the CHEO Research Institute in Ottawa. A growing body of research suggests that too much sedentary time carries risks—even for those who diligently exercise. In September, Tremblay’s group launched the Sedentary Behaviour Research Network (SBRN) to study the impact of all the time we spend inactive, the dangers of which we’re only starting to understand. Jean-Philippe Chaput, junior research chair at HALO, puts it bluntly: “Independent of physical activity, sitting too much is killing us.”

The researchers who study sedentary behaviour practise what they preach: when contacted by Maclean’s, each conducted the interview while standing up.

The complete article can be accessed for free on the Maclean’s website.

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