SBRN Hits 200 Members!

APNM: Appetite regulation in response to sitting and energy imbalance
April 3, 2012
New York Times: Don't Just Sit There
April 30, 2012

Congratulations SBRN members – we just hit the 200 mark!  Please continue to add studies to our expanding database of sedentary behaviour research, and let colleagues know about the network.

In the coming months we will be having informal SBRN meetups at conferences including ISBNPA (Austin, USA), ACSM (San Francisco, USA) and ICDAM (Rome, Italy).  We also have an official SBRN publication In Press in 2 journals urging the adoption of a consistent definition of sedentary behaviour (signed by 53 separate SBRN members!), which will be unveiled as soon as possible.  For more info on how to get involved in these initiatives be sure to look for emails from the SBRN list serve in your inbox.

Finally, the website has become increasingly popular since going online in September of 2011.  The site has received just under 5000 visits, and now ranks among the top Google results for searches related to sedentary behaviour (using both American and Commonwealth spelling).

If anyone else has ideas for SBRN initiatives or meetups feel free to contact us through the website or through the SBRN member list serve.

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  1. Sugito says:

    Travis,As a runner and wrteir who’s worked at stand-up desks for years, let me suggest that standing more or less still for hours on end isn’t much better. You really need to move and get the hr up, have motion happening.I’ve tried a number of things to break up the sedentary standing, and finally last week I put my laptop on the reading stand of my treadmill. Problem solved. I find that walking at 1.0 mph is not only unnoticeable, as far as work goes, but puts hr up about 20 bpm. (My resting hr is around 50.) Interestingly, I find that this doesn’t pound my feet all to hell, either. Runs after working on the treadmill actually seem easier. It’s a terrible solution in terms of carbon footprint, but otherwise I’d say it’s the way to go.

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