SBRN Terminology Consensus Project PowerPoint Presentation

How do you define sedentary behaviour?
June 10, 2017
Which activity types are healthy alternatives to replace leisure screen time and reduce mortality risk?
August 9, 2017

When the SBRN Terminology Consensus Project was released on Saturday, June 10th, 2017, several of the lead researchers on the project made presentations at a symposium in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada at the ISBNPA (International Society of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity) 2017 Annual Meeting.

The PowerPoint slides from these presentations have been consolidated into a single slide deck by Salomé Aubert and made available for download here on the SBRN website. These slides are intended as a resource that can be freely used to introduce and summarize the SBRN Terminology Consensus Project to various audiences (e.g., students), so long as the slides and their content are attributed to SBRN.

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