October 27, 2011

Vancouver Sun: Video Games Increase Food Intake in Teens

A recent study on video games and food intake, which was performed by SBRN member Dr Jean-Philippe Chaput, has been profiled by the Vancouver Sun: Teenagers […]
December 14, 2011

Journal of Obesity Publishes Special Issue On Sedentary Behaviour

The Open Access Journal of Obesity has just published a special issue devoted to sedentary behaviour.  From an editorial by guest editors Hollie Raynor, Dale Bond, […]
December 16, 2011

Bienvenue au Réseau de Recherche sur le Comportement Sédentaire

The Sedentary Behaviour Research Network now has a French title: Réseau de recherche sur le comportement sédentaire (thanks to SBRN members Richard Larouche and Jean-Philippe Chaput […]